Basement Sump Pump Reviews and Tips

Installing a sump pump in your basement is not only important, but it is also the last line of defense against possible water damage or flooding. Water comes into your basement from many ways, and if your house is not prepared for water build up, your basement can get flooded in no time.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with choosing a sump pump is that they install incorrectly or simply install a sump pump that is not powerful enough to protect their home from water damage. Another common mistake homeowners make is not testing their basement sump pumps regularly. 5 minute testing can save your house from getting flooded. Some years ago, I didn't hear my sump pump kick in when we had 3 days of raining. When I checked it, it was unplugged! One piece of hardwood floor leftovers fell right above it causing the power line to be unplugged. Remember to test your sump pump regularly and keep a good maintenance record.

Before you replace or upgrade your sump pump, check and see if the problem with your pump is something that you can fix. As I explained above, simply check the power line first. Then check the float. Float can be easily stuck when it's not used for long time. Check the float first before you make a buying decision.

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